Industrial computer industry development has entered a new stage

The industrial application of computer, communication and network technology has changed the way of industrial production and management, and opened up a new era of industrial automation, intelligent control and information management. The realization of automation, intelligence and information technology mainly depends on the industrial computer.

The initial role of IPCs is to assist in the measurement, control and management of production processes. With the advancement of computer technology and the maturity of the industrial chain of industrial PCs, IPCs have become one of the core equipments for intelligent manufacturing, regardless of product technology, service or industry. In terms of development, the industrial computer presents new upgrades and changes, and its role in smart manufacturing and the tasks it undertakes are becoming more and more important.

Industrial computer industry development has entered a new stage

The development of intelligent manufacturing is characterized by the integration of computer, communication and control technologies to form a new intelligent system, and the industrial computer is at the key position of the intelligent system. Therefore, with the high integration of various technologies in the intelligent system, the technology and products of the industrial computer will also be upgraded and transformed. In the future, the industrial computer will form a new industrial computer product with a more open system architecture, higher integration, modular functions and intelligent machines, which will provide important support for the intelligent system construction under Industry 4.0.

In recent years, the industrial Internet has begun to emerge, and the industrial computer industry has ushered in a new era and a new stage of development. It has also put forward new requirements for intelligent, digital and informational aspects of industrial computer products and technologies. In the traditional manufacturing industry, the services provided by the industrial computer only include a single hardware product, and the enterprise can basically meet the demand simply by ensuring the performance and quality of the product. In the era of intelligence, when the industrial computer products and technologies ushered in the upgrade of interconnection and interoperability, the service content also ushered in change. Customers no longer satisfied a single product, but preferred the overall solution with the industrial computer as the core. The traditional service content of industrial computer manufacturers has also shifted from focusing on hardware to hard and soft. The traditional service model has also expanded from a single product to an overall system solution.


The future development trend of industrial computer

At present, the application of industrial computer has been extended from industrial production to self-service terminals, medical instruments, industrial control, automation equipment, telecommunications, electric power, network, rail transit, numerical control, robotics, agriculture, electric power, new energy and other fields. With the increase of application fields, the differentiation factors that industrial computer manufacturers need to deal with are also increasing, and the development requirements for customized and specialized industrial computer are becoming more and more obvious.

In addition, IPC manufacturers are paying more and more attention to customer needs, providing customized services and products to customers, and introducing customized and specialized products that meet customer needs has become an important trend in the development of industrial computer industry. Therefore, whether it is for customer consideration or industry application considerations, customization and specialization will be a major trend in the future development of the industrial computer industry.

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