Five advantages of industrial motherboards

Industrial motherboards are designed, used, manufactured and manufactured for industrial environments. They are characterized by reliability, vibration resistance and wide temperature. They are widely used in self-service terminals, medical instruments, industrial control, automation equipment, telecommunications, Power, network, rail transit and other fields.

Compared with commercial motherboards, industrial motherboards are characterized by various industrial environments, long life cycles, and customized services.

1. the stability is good

The industrial motherboard application environment is complex. Each industrial motherboard needs to complete extensive compatibility and stability testing before leaving the factory, including aging test, environmental compatibility test, and software security test to ensure that each component can run efficiently in a long-term and high-efficiency environment.

2. the fan self-test

The industrial motherboard has a fan automatic detection, integrated water-cooled radiator dedicated interface, custom radiator working mode. The fan of the industrial motherboard supports silent mode, and the intelligent fan protection chip protects the fan from overcurrent and high temperature damage, prolonging the life cycle of the fan.



3. overclocking design

Through the component's serpentine design, the length of the wire between the industrial motherboard's memory slot and the CPU is the same, resulting in better overclocking amplitude and overclocking stability. Industrial motherboards start faster, overclocking more, and the system is more stable.

4. automatic diagnosis

The industrial main board has a 'watchdog' timer, which automatically resets without human intervention when it crashes due to a malfunction, and has a self-diagnosis function.

5. Customized service

Once the commercial motherboard is produced, it can no longer be changed according to market demand, and there is no custom design. The industrial motherboard can flexibly meet the special needs of the customer, and achieve customization, better and more perfect match with the customer's demand environment.

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