How should the industrial computer keyboard and mouse malfunction?

Industrial computer, that is, industrial computer, the main structure and working principle are the same as ordinary computer. The difference is that the industrial computer adopts steel structure chassis with fixed bars inside, which has high anti-magnetic, dustproof and anti-vibration capabilities. It is suitable for complex industries. on site.

The industrial computer can be used for data acquisition, analysis, storage, monitoring, etc., and is widely used. Users should know how to accurately and effectively handle industrial computer faults. What should I do if the industrial computer keyboard and mouse malfunction?

1. Check the connection between keyboard and mouse and industrial computer

The failure of the industrial computer keyboard and mouse first considers whether the connection is correct. Check if the connection between the keyboard and mouse and the industrial computer is disconnected, loose, or connected incorrectly. If the keyboard and mouse are malfunctioning due to such reasons, you only need to adjust the connection between the keyboard and mouse and the industrial computer to use normally.

2. Check if the industrial computer is connected to the keyboard and mouse with one point and two adapters. If there is any, use the keyboard and mouse to reverse the connection.

3. Use the cross test method to determine the point of failure

If the above two methods are used, the IPC keyboard and mouse still have no response, then you need to use the interleaving test method to confirm whether the keyboard and mouse itself are intact. Plug the keyboard and mouse on other industrial computers to see if they can be used. If it can be used, it can be judged that the previous industrial computer keyboard and mouse interface is damaged, and it can be returned to the industrial computer manufacturer for repair.

At present, from industrial automation to rail transit, self-service terminals, to medical equipment, communications, finance, and network security, the demand for information and digitalization in various industries is growing, and the demand for industrial computers is growing. Good use of industrial computer, so that the industrial computer to maintain good performance, the user must perform necessary and reasonable maintenance of the industrial computer in daily operations.

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